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How Open Source Is a Blessing For Small Businesses?

Odoo ERP is open source business software containing enterprise program, CRM, e-business, billing, technical support, accounting, and sales management. The Enterprise version is free software, available under free odoo demo the GNU AGPLv3 license. There's also a commercial"enterprise" version, with additional features and additional services.

It offers the same Open Source Business Solution. The program uses the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) methodology. Its design is based on the Linux operating system. To be able to get the maximum out of it, you have to be able to manage multiple users with your system.

OA Software has released a version of its ERP software called Oberon. This version is a highly customized version for the ERP market. It comes with the latest features from OA Software. It's highly flexible for any organization and is capable of handling large number of customers. It comes with the integrated system for controlling, tracking, and reporting in various parts of the company.

It has many benefits over other open source business solution. Its features include multi-user accessibility and effortless configuration. Its client relationship management system helps companies in making better use of their customers.

This ERP software is fully-integrated using the CRM systems. With this combination, it helps organizations in managing their finance as well as their production in the same way. It offers cost effective solutions for financial planning. These include resource planning, financial management, sales forecasting, distribution planning, and budgeting.

Its system's ability to handle data, processes, and information, is tremendously valuable to the supervisors. The system's capacity to use the latest data, in addition to the ability to store the data that isn't being used, is a major advantage to companies that are engaged in continuous operations.

This open source software is an important one for those organizations engaged in various industries. That have to boost their productivity and increase the speed in decision making. The general performance of their businesses.

Odoo ERP has been the most preferred ERP product one of the small and mid-sized businesses in the Philippines. It's highly successful because of the unique features it has to offer, the low costs involved with its licensing, and the easy installation and maintenance. The business has also established a solid presence in the worldwide market because of its open approach to innovation and expansion.


Odoo ERP offers a complete system that includes: information source management, data tracking and analysis, distribution, stock control, production scheduling, human resources management, order processing, and payroll systems. It helps in improving the business performance of organizations by automating the functions. This makes firms more efficient in tackling their daily tasks and allows them to get a smooth working environment. It aids in increasing efficiency in operations and enables them to generate more revenue.

This software assists in improving the provider's ability to operate in a smooth manner and lets them focus on their core business activities, and concentrate on the important things. Which are important to the business.

The open source product that is developed by the Odoo ERP has the potential to increase the efficiency of the companies and help in generating more revenue. That is then shared with all the other departments. The software enables the users to get hold of the latest information quickly and efficiently so that they can make better use of it.

Open source software is a boon for small and medium enterprises. It helps in saving lots of time and money in the process. This software assists in reducing cost and in reducing the expense of production.

This software is developed keeping in mind the demands of the users. This enables the users to get the software easily, with no difficulty, by having simple and easy to understand steps.

This software is very user friendly so that even those who don't have customization in odoo any knowledge about computer can use this software without any difficulty. So that the users don't need to worry about it and have the ability to understand the process.

With the help of this software, you can achieve a smooth working environment by taking advantage of a simple interface using the open source architecture. Which lets you save plenty of money and time in the process.